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Hand crafted, fire forged, horseshoe shaped into the form of a heart. Add a ribbon and use it as wall art, or simply put it on a flat surface and use it as a coaster or trivet. Heart is an iron horseshoe that has been up-cycled and forged into the shape of a heart by hand using traditional forging means in my blacksmith shop. Shoes are new old stock and range slightly in size / shape. One shoe will ship chosen at random if purchased – made from size 2 horseshoes. Each heart is handmade and as such variations will occur. Shoes have been blackened after heating them and quenching in Linseed oil providing a protective coating to inhibit rusting and to provide that black finish as seen in photos. Comes with stick-able felt pads Great for country / western / rustic decor and or that equine lover 🙂 I hope you enjoy these as I did making them. This is a size 2 horseshoe – Ships usually within 1 business day via priority mail USPS with tracking Sizes 0, 00, 000 are more likely pony or mini size shoes and are what I consider Small Horseshoe Sizes 1, 2, 3, are common for light horses they are what I consider to be Medium Horseshoe Sizes 4, 5 are for larger horses I consider those as Large Horseshoe Sizes 6,-10 are draft/ work horse size and I consider those as X large Additional images show shoe sizes in Small, Medium and Large side by side and stacked – generally small are roughly 4 x 4 inches, Medium 5 x 5 inches and Large 6 x 6 inches. The last two images show small / Med and Large horseshoe hearts side by side and stacked I am capable of taking custom orders for other sizes contact me to inquire. Also if you have a steel shoe from your own horse that you want me to either make into a heart or preserve / treat like these shoes have been feel free to message me.


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